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Case Management

I'm available on hourly bases for

in depth questions

 specialized education


ongoing case management/advocacy

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"Amy was honest, provided education, and went above and beyond to do what she was skilled at in the mental health and addiction field. Most importantly she came at this situation as a nurse with the knowledge to assess the situation and provide love and education to all involved."

Parent/Client - Susan

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Consultation for in depth questions
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Individual & Organizational Custom Education Offerings
 Medical & Treatment Advocacy 

"Amy is a compassionate, dedicated professional. She's ready to go the extra mile to help get someone into treatment and sometimes that is a long road. She's ready to pivot on a moment's notice and has plan B, C and D ready to go when necessary. And she CARES! I've worked with her and look forward to doing it again. They say it takes a village and Amy's the mayor guiding and working with you to make magic happen!"

Jennifer M - Treatment Facility Outreach


Offering Consultations to Individuals, Organizations, Treatment Facilities, Universities,  and Schools.

Some consults have included:


  • Follow up questions from online courses

  • Vetting treatment programs

  • Assisting start up facilities meet the competitive edge of excellence and ethics in substance use treatment.


One on One Virtual Educational Sessions 

  • Medications/Wellness

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Teen Q & A

Small Group Session for your family, coworkers, church group, book club

  • Dimensions of Wellness

  • Custom Topics

Online Courses

To reach larger audience with accessible and affordable content, I will soon offer online courses through I will still offer small group and individual educational courses, but these will be self study with text/video/resources/quiz/certificate for much less than one hour of 1-1 consult time. 

Available Courses:

Practical Coping SkillsCollection of practical coping skills useful for stress, unpleasant emotions, anxiety, drug cravings, smoking cessation, grief, crisis. You are bound to find one or two that work for you. Click here.

The Not So Tough Talk - Parents guide to laying a foundation for positive discussions with their tween/teen. Also discusses neuroscience of adolsecent, mind altering substances, pornography, digital footprint. Packed with tips, activities, and resources. Click here.

Coming Soon...

Alcohol and Drug Use Self Assessment - Concerned about your own use or that of a loved one, but not ready to jump into a Formal Assessment or Treatment Program. This course provides self assessment tools as well as risk/benefit worksheets to help you get an honest look at if/how your use is impacting your overall wellness.  

The Holistic Difference

  • Registered Nurse

  • Experienced & engaging speaker and educator 

  • Navigator within the legal and healthcare system

  • Empathetic advocate for you and your loved one

  • Ability to adjust to environment and unpredictable circumstances


You don't have to figure

this out alone.

I'm here to help.