Get a professional assessment for substance use and

co-occurring disorder severity with individualized treatment options.

A proper assessment is the first step to an appropriate treatment plan and long-term recovery.

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The Challenge

If any of these resonate with you...

  • Worried about your own wellness?

  • Feeling unsafe?

  • Wondering what is normal drinking or recreational drug use?

  • Trying to cut back on alcohol or drugs without success?

  • Have a diagnosed mental health disorder, but non-compliant on medications or think your medications aren't working?

  • Not sure if you need or qualify for a treatment program?

  • Don't know if you have a problem?

  • Think you have a problem with sex, porn, gambling, electronics, social media, but is there really treatment for that?

The Solution

Then an Assessment may be right for you.

Many treatment centers will offer

a pre-assessment for admission to their facility.  I offer an independent master level registered nurse assessment focused on matching your needs with optimal resources.  Beyond focusing on a substance or behavior, I assess 8 dimensions of wellness to meet the client where they are at.

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The Process

1) Still unclear if this is the right option?  Schedule a 20 minute client inquiry call.

2) Ready?  Schedule your assessment here.

3) Review your Assessment, Risk Factors, and Treatment Recommendation.

4) Select the option that works best for you.

The Holistic Difference

  • Registered Nurse

  • Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

  • Ability to assess proper level of care needs

  • Navigator within the legal and healthcare system

  • Empathetic Advocate for your Loved One

  • Expert working for your Family, not the Facilities.


You don't have to go alone.

I'm here to help.