Holistic Intervention

Get vetted resources, support, and a custom plan to get your whole family unit on a path to recovery.

Work 1 on 1 with a licensed professional that is 100% devoted to understanding your family dynamics.

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The Challenge

If you find yourself asking:  

  • How did we end up in this situation again?

  • Why can't they just stop using?

  • Is there a different way than doing a surprise intervention?

The Solution

Then a Holistic Intervention Package might be right for your family.

This package involves candid conversations, education on the disease model of addiction, and invites the client into this process.


The goal is empowering family/support members to establish helpful and healthy boundaries while the loved one, experiencing this acceptance, voluntarily enters a recommended treatment program.

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So thankful I found her

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"I can't believe how much she has helped me to move forward in a fairly short time.


She made an impact in 6 weeks on something I have been sitting and stewing in for 2+ years. 


She is smart, direct, listens, and cares. ....there's still a long way to go but she has been hugely helpful in my ability to move forward and just focus on what I can control...which is only me.


I am so thankful I found her" 

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The Process

I can help with my holistic approach.

1) Free inquiry call

2) Retain Service

3) Initial Assessment focused on 8 dimensions of wellness & level of care needs

4) Four, one hour planning meetings over a two week period with select participants

5) Formal Invitation to Treatment Options

6) Concierge coordination of packing, traveling, admission and aftercare support.

7) Ongoing access to Holistic Interventionist educational blog, monthly newsletter, and free and low cost resources to support the entire family in recovery.

The Holistic Difference

  • Registered Nurse

  • Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

  • Ability to assess proper level of care needs

  • Navigator within the legal and healthcare system

  • Empathetic Advocate for your Loved One

  • Expert working for your Family, not the Facilities.


You don't have to go alone.

I'm here to help.