After Assessment?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Huge part of the alcohol and drug use Assessment process is determining next steps. An independent, professional assessment for severity of use disorder and some vetted resources that match your needs/preferences sounds great - but then what?

To keep things affordable and promote accountability, every Assessment includes a list of questions to use when screening your (or loved ones) treatment options.

Holistic Interventionist will provide 3 appropriate programs for your situation and you make the calls. You make the final decision. You can call 20 more if you'd like.

Need more help? Advocacy and Intervention services are available, but they cost. Why? because it is time consuming and a highly specialized skill.

Let's keep it as simple as we can, you called me, so let's get on with it.

Client owning that first step....brilliant.

Treatment Centers answering legitimate is time.

Me providing ethical assessment and recommendations to help navigate a very chaotic time...totally attainable.

Holistic Interventionist Assessment Service provides 1-1 phone or video Master Level RN assessment that lasts about 1.5 hours. This meeting is confidential and requires complete honesty in order to get the most beneficial recommendations. Participating in an assessment helps determine severity of use, level of care needs, and suitable program accommodations. I am an experienced registered nurse who has worked in critical care units, inpatient residential treatment, medical detox, intake coordination, outpatient, and utilization review. I will cover all aspects of your history and current state of wellness in order to match you with appropriate and reputable programs.

An Assessment does not always result in recommendation for inpatient detox and residential stay. Some clients can be successful with outpatient medication therapy and counseling. Some qualify for Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) which helps stabilize their use disorder while allowing them to return to their home in the evening. Others may do well with a supervised private detox at home followed by a structured outpatient program a few evenings a week. I can assist with sober housing options, establishing a primary care provider, and finding a peer support group.

When I recommend highest level of care - medical detox followed by minimum of one month residential care and ongoing outpatient programming - I mean it. I have seen enough cases to assess your barriers to healing and subsequent risk factors by trying to short cut the process.

Engaging in an Assessment is an act of trust. It is a two way conversations that allows you to get the chance you deserve to optimize your outcome. Though I cannot make a client follow my recommended plan of action, I set a firm boundary as to what I can and can't do. Negotiating terms with yourself, your family, or me, will only waste your own recovery dollars and time. For some, it costs them their life.

Assessment deliverable includes hard copy of your assessment and risk factors, 3 recommended programs, and a detailed questionnaire to aid your communication with the admission coordinator at various facilities. This helps you take accountability for your decision, assures no communication gaps, and helps you pick which one works best for you.

Ready to find some options? Schedule an Assessment. If you don't think you or the process is worth the $480.00 bucks, you are not ready for change. I'll be here when you are.

I believe in human potential. I will empower you to see that in yourself.

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