Stories of human potential

I love to write about all sorts of things. Recently my creative energy is focused on finding ways to reach my target audience on social media. Since I'm only on LinkedIn, and my audience is those seeking education and support for substance use or mental health struggles...I wasn't sure if my network would engage. So, I starting lurking, reading all the content, and learning the platform. After several months of real engagement with respected connections, it no longer seemed a challenge to write on this topic. It felt easy and natural to share what I know with the people who care to read it. I now post regularly with blunt honestly about various substances and how they impact the individual, the family, the community. It is a mix of medical knowledge, nursing insight, and experience detoxing and caring for those in the midst of addiction. The more I write, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I can share. I've met so many incredible folks. Many have asked how they can volunteer or support my business, Holistic Interventionist. I'm basically a one lady show with the assistance of some amazing freelance support. I see potential everywhere and thought a blog would be a wonderful way to utilize volunteer and paid talent to broaden my reach and perspective. I love human potential. I want to publish stories of it. And so, we will.

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