Where did "Do You Know?" come from?

I'm admitedly trying to find new ways to engage my followers and find ideal clients. To me, those are two separate tasks that can be achieved simultaneously. There are many that follow my content as consumers and will never become clients. There are also some that identify with me/my content, and reach out to become clients. The Doyouknow ? series is for both groups.

Like many content creators, I have tons of ideas swirling around in my head. I hired content coach Doug Lawson to help me get focused. Among many other fantastic ideas and recommendations, he suggested I create an archetype of an ideal client for a LinkedIn post.

That was an idea I could embrace and run with. The hardest part was picking who to start with. I picked John. Most of us know a John. I created him from all the Johns I've met and cared for: An outwardly successful executive that is suffering the negative impact of alcohol in his life. The audience related to this archetype and this style of series posting.

Soon #doyouknowjohn had more followers than my business hashtag #holisticinterventionst.

I kept going with other stories and received a lot of DMs expressing gratitude for my posts. I also found some ideal clients and received several approprite referrals. My content was working on many levels - Doug knows his stuff.

I did take a pause and checked myself: Am I being dehumanizing or sterotyping in my posting about John, Claire, Kate, Molly, and Emma? Are people going to understand what I'm trying to do with these stories?

To answer that, I had to look at my motivation and intentions. I share these stories to create connection & coversation, chip away at stigma (seems counterintuitive at first), educate, and promote individual action.

Though I strongly believe we are all unique individuals, our traits can still be archetyped. But is that helpful?

  • Is there any beneifit in sharing these universal qualities?

  • Does it give someone they can now relate to, whether themselves or someone in their life?

  • Is the archetype like a safety shield where folks can consume the content and not feel directly targeted?

These are some of the questions I am aiming to answer as I continue to write and share. To accomplish my goal of publishing these short stories into a book, I need support, consumers, and honest feedback as I go. I want this book to be cirriculum for health and social science students as well as accessible and impactful for general population.

I'm currently writing about Emma. Emma is a 28 year old mom of a 5 month old who intentionally overdosed on acetaminophen (Tylenol) to end her life. Now she is my patient in the Intensive Care Unit being worked up for possible liver transplant, if she survives that long. Please consider joining my Patreon to follow this story and others. I have 11 Patrons. I am aiming for 50. Please send this to anyone who may want to support and be part of this project.

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