Helpful Apps for Addiction or Recovery

Please find below some apps that Holistic Interventionist recommends using to help with your recovery. You don't have to try them all - just have a look and see what takes your fancy. 

This is an awesome app which encourages you to keep on track with your recovery by easily recording your progress. It will break down tons of stats like how much money you’ve saved, how many calories you’ve burned (for alcohol clocks), how much time you’ve saved and loads more.


It’s completely free and ads can be removed if you choose to donate any amount or if you really can’t afford anything you can email the owner and he will remove them for you. The last thing he wants is money to stop someone from using Nomo.

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Having someone there for you during recovery is so important. Having someone you can relate to, who is also navigating recovery, could be even better for you


Sober Grid allows you to do this by connecting you with sober people around the Globe - you can build a strong support network and inspire others.


Key features include, reach out for help, finding local sober people, sharing of thoughts and experiences. 

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Being in tune with your emotions is difficult. Trying to put into words what's going through your mind is a struggle we all face. 

That's what mood meter app does fantastically. By recording yourself over time you can start to build up your emotional intelligence, develop your self-awareness and learn what causes certain feelings. 


Amy is a big advocate of it and says '' I track my own moods daily and when I notice a significant shift in what I'm feeling. It helps me identify my mood, any triggers, and allows me opportunity to pause and ask myself  'do I want to stay here or shift out of this mood'. It's empowering to focus on what I can control"

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This list will be updated and amended periodically to make sure it has relevant information. 
If you've found any of these apps helpful or have one not currently on this list that you would like us to check out, please do contact us on the email link below. 
"I like to volunteer in Beta Testing for new Apps, let me know if I can help give feedback on your next idea!" - Amy