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New resources every month for individuals and families suffering from the impact of addiction.

Recovery involves a lot of processes. Be it keeping track, finding someone to talk to or understanding your inner emotions.


Thankfully there are tons of apps to help with each of these. But knowing which ones to use can be time-consuming. 


In an effort to make your life easy Holistic Interventionist has highlighted 3 which we recommend to help with your recovery. 

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Getting your head around addiction, recovery, mental health can be a lot when your first looking for help. 
To make your life simple we've put together a list of helpful webinars which cover these topics in detail.
If you have any questions on these please reach out.
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Sometimes it can feel like your alone and no one else understands what your going through. 

That's where podcasts come in. Here we've found some fantastic people who have previously been impacted by addiction and share their journeys to recovery. 

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We don't all absorb information in the same way - that's why we love youtube channels. Be it visual, audial or written you'll find a channel that can keep you occupied. 

Here we've handpicked 5 channels that provide some easily digestible insights. Oh and guess what... Amy has one too! 

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To reach a larger audience with accessible and affordable content, I'm offering online courses through Teachable.com. I will still offer small group and individual educational courses, but these will be self-study with text/video/resources/quiz/certificate for much less than one hour of 1-1 consult time.
Practical Coping Skills - Collection of practical coping skills useful for stress, unpleasant emotions, anxiety, drug cravings, smoking cessation, grief, crisis. You are bound to find one or two that work for you. 
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The Not So Tough Talk  - Parents' guide for building a foundation for discussions with their tweens/teens. Informative, Empowering, Evidence Based.
Coming Next!
Alcohol and Drug Use Self Assessment
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Reading in itself can be a form of healing and an aspect of recovery which gives you a sense of achievement. 

To help with this we've picked out a number of books which help with parents, for addiction recovery and retable journeys for no matter point in life you are. 

And as always if you can't find something please email Amy and she will give a personalised recommendation to you. 

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Finding the right support group to help you through the tough times can be challenging. 

However, we've realized having a network around you is crucial to make sure you don't relapse. This is why we've made an easy list of some of the ones we and clients recommend. 

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Are there any free resources you've found and love? Holistic Interventionist would love to hear about them. Please email us by clicking the mail button below.