Urgent Intervention

Find the appropriate treatment for your loved one, keep them safe, and offer a chance at
stabilization and recovery.

An Intervention can be an overwhelming situation to tackle alone.

But sometimes what seems like a crisis is actually an opportunity.

I am here to help.

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The Challenge

Drug and alcohol addictions take a heavy toll on the individuals affected and their families around them.

The Solution

I can help.  I believe that any person struggling with addiction deserves chances at treatment 

and recovery.


"Amy is ready to pivot on a moment's notice and has plan B, C, and D to go when necessary. And she CARES!"

Treatment outreach specialist - Jennifer

The Process

I can help with a time sensitive Intervention anywhere in the USA.

I will work with involved legal, clinical, and medical professionals and take initial burden off of you.

1) Free 20 minute inquiry call
2) Retain Service, Complete Brief Paperwork
3) Participate in Planning Phone Call
4) Pre-Intervention Meeting & Treatment Selection
5) Onsite Intervention
6) Transport to Treatment

The Holistic Difference

  • Registered Nurse

  • Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

  • Ability to assess proper level of care needs

  • Navigator within the legal and healthcare system

  • Empathetic Advocate for your Loved One

  • Expert working for your Family, not the Facilities.


You don't have to go alone.

I'm here to help.