Helpful Webinars for Addiction or Recovery

Please find below some Webinars that Holistic Interventionist recommends using to help with your recovery. You don't have to watch them all - just have a look and see what takes your fancy. 

Getting a webinar on a topic relating to addiction is one thing. Getting one that is specifically targeted towards addiction is exactly what NAADAC have done. 

Though targeted at professionals they have some that anyone can learn from. 

They have both ON-demand webinars and a list of upcoming ones for the year ahead! Best part - they are all FREE to attend! To help get you started here are a couple we recommend: 

Applying Emotional Intelligence to Recovery

The ability to deal effectively with emotions is critical to success in recovery. Gain a greater understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence and learn how to: 


- Recognize and understand the five competencies for building emotional intelligence.

- Gain practical tools and skills for communicating effectively, assertively, and collaboratively.

- Learn how to choose perceptions and behaviors that will lead to positive outcomes.

60mins - Click here to watch 

Cultivating Greater meaning and Purpose to Prevent Relapse

Many who find themselves established in recovery are left with a lingering, internal void that represents a lack of meaning or sense of purpose in life. To help you find greater meaning and understand natural sources of joy this webinar will help you to:

  • Identify the unique activities that bring a natural sense of joy and excitement to their life and develop a plan for experiencing greater joy in the following 30 days.

  • Identify their personal strengths and explain how these strengths can be leveraged to experience greater meaning in life.

  • Explain a process for identifying one’s unique life purpose and will be able to lead others through this process.

60 mins - Click here to watch

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What goes on in your mind is just as important as what's happening with your body. When going through with recovery you may come across moments of self-doubt, depression and anxiety. 

All of these are completely normal and by understanding more about them you will gain access to ways you can prevent/ treat/ keep in check your mental state and improve your journey. 

ADAA have hours of resources to help with this - a few we recommend to get you started are: 

Health Anxiety Part One: What is it and how you can overcome it

Do you worry that you may have or could acquire a serious medical illness? Do you constantly research disease symptoms online? Do illnesses like cancer, heart attack, and multiple sclerosis scare you? In this webinar, you'll find out what health anxiety is and how you can overcome it. This webinar includes a former health anxiety sufferer and offered a Q&A opportunity. 69mins - Click here to watch 

If you liked this one here is part 2 - How to Face your Fear of Death and Overcome Health Anxiety 

Stop the worry cycle 

Worry is common.  It becomes problematic when it is excessive, intrusive and constant.  It's hard to turn off worry because it feels like problem-solving.  Learn how problem-solving becomes a reinforcement loop and how to break that cycle. 8mins - Click here to watch 

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From getting helpful advice, formulating a recovery strategy or simply understand your needs - SAMHSA has webinars for them all. They have broken down everything into categories so you can easily look into resilience, sustainability, prevention and more. 

To help you get started here are a couple we recommend:

SMVF Webinar: Four Key Practices in Crisis Care and Suicide Prevention

Knowing when a loved one is on the tipping point is never too easy. We all have that way of hiding what we are really feeling when in fact behind that smile our head is spiralling down. This webinar goes into details of what are the most effective methods to prevent scuicide for people at the greatest risk, how to identify them and create a strategy that reduces self harm and their capability to kill themselves. 85mins - Click here to watch 

The Girl in the Mirror: Behavioral Health of Adolescent Girls

For anyone raising or educating any adolescent girl. This session will explore common, but frequently overlooked and underdiagnosed, behavioural health challenges girls face. After attending this webinar, participants will better understand potential concerns and interventions to support girls through these challenges. 90mins - Click here to watch 

If you want to check out others click the link below and use the search bar to find specific topics:

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This list will be updated and amended periodically to make sure it has relevant information. 
If you've found any of these webinars helpful or have one not currently on this list that you would like us to check out, please do contact us on the email link below. 
"Important to me that anyone who accesses these resources knows that information itself may be overwhelming. Constantly seeking understanding or your own or a loved one's behavior or state of mind is often a strong indicator that a professional or structured peer support is indicated. You do not have to go at this alone" Amy